This Cold, Rational World

by The Quiet Cull

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released November 19, 2015



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The Quiet Cull Anchorage, Alaska

The Quiet Cull is a rock band from Alaska. Fashioned from roots like Thrice and Brand New, the sonic territory they cover is dynamic. With a range of hard and heavy, to mellow, somber and slow, TQC is described as contemplative and introspective.
Founding member, Todd Farnsworth, started solo and then formed the band, after releasing Allegories. The rest is history, and 3 releases deep.
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Track Name: This Cold, Rational World
Marring our hands, digging for gold, and searching for precious minerals. Scarring our hands with metal bands, and digging our six feet in the sand.

Thought we found a diamond, but only found some coal,
learning how this world can feel so rational and cold.
Track Name: Ataraxia
So here I go again. I lie awake in bed, and waste away the night, with a distraction or a vice. And habits become rote, as I become morose, putting pen to paper in the hopes of some kind of release.
Isn't strange, things we'll suffer, 'til the day that we pass away? Isn't it strange, suffering a name?

We are the sun and moon, the sea and land. Never, will we go hand in hand.

In search of inner peace, and emotional release. We think we'll find catharsis. In the end, we just found vices. Transgress and we regret. Repress or redirect. And hope we'll find catharsis...In the end, we just found...

We lay there with device, that slowly became vice. And digging deeper in, til far beneath the skin. Looking for escape, or just a means to get away. It doesn't matter what the means, with an end so close in sight.

Aren't we strange, how we behave, when we feel we're under pressure. Aren't we strange, when we're strained?
Track Name: Defaite
Do we get a second shot? Another chance to get things right? Or is this all that we got? Do we only get this life? Oh just look at what you've become, it's looking like your demons won. But I've no dog in this fight, and I've no fight left.

I'm losing faith. I'm losing hope. I'm losing sleep, I'm losing everything! I'm giving up, I'm giving in. I've nothing left, but all my sins. Now I've lost my faith, and I'm losing hope. I'm losing...

Well I should be scared to die, 'cause I am going straight to hell. But I've been there for a while, so it's nothing new. No, it's just as well. Oh just look at what I've become, I guess all my demons won. On my judgment day, oh God, please don't shut the door; let me settle my score!
Track Name: Lex Talionis
We live by the letter. Forget the spirit. The swift hand unfettered. No mercy can hear it. So we live by the letter, or claim heresy. The swift hand unfettered. No mercy is seen.

An eye for an eye. A heart for heart. You took mine, now I'll tear yours apart.

Give me your heart. Give me your eyes. Give me your soul. Give me what's mine.

And now I'm left with nothing, save my anger and my hate. And now I'm left with nothing, save my anger and my hate. And now I feel nothing, save my anger and my hate. How can I feel a thing, when I've squandered life away?
Track Name: The Isle
We pushed off the shore to set sail that day; I aimed to shrug off my cares.
With wind on my face, my life with the Fates, I breathed in the cool ocean air.
The weather was fair with birds in the sky, and my crew - they would heed every word.
But as time passed by, the birds did not fly, and weather took turn for the worse.

But still we pushed on.  We pushed on and on.  We pushed on and on and on.
We pushed on so long, we saw light from the dawn, and soon we heard a sickly song:
The shoreline is gone, along with my home, and damage is done to the hull.
Will the captain dive down to the depths with his ship, as soon as the vessel is full?
Inside the craft, the water would seek, to fill up the ship and my lungs.
So no longer, then, would I breath ocean air, but rather I'd inhale the sea.
The skiff that we had held room for just one, so my crew, they would all die in vain.
For at sight of land, I took skiff in hand, and oared 'fore daylight fade.
When I set foot on land, I did lay on the sand, and thank God for bringing the isle.
Still, smoke I did make, and flags I did raise, lest I be lost and exiled.

And so I carried on, carried on and on, I did burn wood long into the night.
I sent signals so long I saw light from the dawn, but ne'er saw ship at the isle!
Now the shoreline's long lost, along with my home, and damage was done to the hull.
The captain dive not to the depths with his ship, but rather he'd save his own soul.
Now I rue the days I spend stuck in dismay, and curse God for bringing the isle!
Given the choice now, I would surely have drown, than live with myself in exile!
Track Name: Troubled Heart, Be Still
Who looks back not to regret, a single thing they've done? With every action that you take, and every word spoken? They must dilute their conscience down, or lost it long ago. Or they're running from a truth, they just don't wanna know.

So here I stand with quaking hands, and all of my regrets; with broken promises and words I never kept. I raise my fist, to shake, but my soul cries out in vain, to think that no else has ever felt this way. But looking back, I see, there's hope in all this mess. My troubled heart, be still! I am no broken wretch.

With all these years of painful guilt, crashing down on me, how can I learn to let this pass? Just live and let it be? Resounding in my very being, deep inside my bones, it gives me reason to push on and climb out of this hole.
Track Name: The Widow
Night falls across this town, veiling all in black. Alone, a woman waits, but he does not come back. Outside the city lights, looming on a hill, the graveyard's dressed in white, the frigid air is still.

Time marches slowly on. She has begun to learn, that though the seasons pass, still he will not return. He was the best of men. He fought for wife and home. So when his life was sacrificed, there was a pain she'd never known.

His ashes were brought home, when months had turned to years. Though she was all but dead, this confirmed her oldest fear. But the closure brought some kind of peace, to a life left so incomplete. Now the widow knows that he is gone, and thus she sang her swan song:

My heart now bears a scar, from years of pain I've known. And though my Love is dead, at least my Love is home. And though the ground is cold, you gone is colder still. Now I will follow you, I'll find you on the hill.
Track Name: Steadfast
Nothing is of certainty, save for numbers. And time will betray us, even in slumber. Life is just rolled dice, a game of chance. The Master Plan devised is sixes and sevens in your hand.

Abandon what you think you know - it's very well an illusion. Concede to the unknown - yield your delusions. Abandon what you think you know - you've no use for it here. If only things were black and white, then everything would be so clear.

Nothing is of certainty, save life and death. And the suffering in between your finite breath. So we stick to convictions. Oh, we hide behind ideals. And we will hold steadfast and lose touch of what is real.
Track Name: To The Depths
No, you'll never see it coming 'til it hits you like a train. And you'll never heed the warning, never hear a word they say.

No, you'll never see it coming 'til it hits you like a train. And you'll never heed the warning, never hear a word they say. You'll never see the truth until it's seen through your own eyes. You'll never discern truth 'til you see through all the lies.

And you're reaching for redemption now, to lift your burden from the ground. It's far too late to save you. There's nothing more that you can do. So down you go, down to the depths, into the black and down to rest. It's far too late to save you, so I will stop holding my breath.

No, you'll never see it coming 'til you're lying on the ground. And you're looking, but your answer is nowhere to be found. So you're looking to the heavens for a gesture or His grace, but what if there's no answer and you've dug your early grave? 'Cause you never saw it coming, 'til it hit you like a train. And you wouldn't hear their warning, wouldn't hear a word they say.
Track Name: When You're Going Through Hell...
The summer sun will surely fade away, and autumn leaves turn gold to gray. And winters cold and endless nights, seem so eternal, so void of light.

Every brightest day, in time will fade away. But every darkest night, will have to face the light. And when the rain comes pouring down, you will surely drown, if you don't don your coat and stave the cold.

Sometimes you won't find the answer – some things are better off that way. Sometimes there is no hero – no one will save the day. The wolves will howl and gnash their teeth.The howling gale will batter and beat. And when your world comes crashing down, you find your feet, and you push on.

Finding beauty in this cold and rational world, sometimes ain't easy when your caught up in the down pour. So find your solace in your solitude; find your strength in your fortitude, when you're assailed by those caustic tongues and vitriol.