Allegories In Rhythm

by The Quiet Cull

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released April 15, 2013



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The Quiet Cull Anchorage, Alaska

The Quiet Cull is a rock band from Alaska. Fashioned from roots like Thrice and Brand New, the sonic territory they cover is dynamic. With a range of hard and heavy, to mellow, somber and slow, TQC is described as contemplative and introspective.
Founding member, Todd Farnsworth, started solo and then formed the band, after releasing Allegories. The rest is history, and 3 releases deep.
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Track Name: Dialogue
How can we be listening when everyone’s talking? How can you be talking when you've nothing left to say? What's the use in wasting all your breath if you could save it 'til you hear something worth hearing, or feel something worth feeling?

If we're all speaking then there's no one listening. We might as well be yelling at brick walls. Well there's no point in trying to get through when the sounds we make are wasting our breath.

Our dialogues are better suited monologue. Our conversations don't achieve much. But for all the noise we make and all the talking down, we all just want to take; we're all just waiting to feel something worth feeling.
Track Name: Vagabonds & Vagrants
I've been at sea so long, I'm barely alive. I'm waiting to see if I'll live or die. I've been long forgotten, floating away. I hang my head low, and I head for my grave.

I'm sailing so blind ムcause it's too dark to see. I'm trying to find my north star at sea. My compass is broken and reefs lie beneath. My True North is gone, but I can't claim defeat.

I've wondered through the earth, pushed on through its strife, looking for answers to this transient life. In these feeble attempts, how I've been so blind! This endless pursuit ends the day that we die.
Track Name: Sunk
Now our story's over, yeah it's been told. And despite our weak attempts, it's sad it never sold.

I think our souls have turned to lead. I feel the heavy heart. I've feared this growing dread - We were sunk from the start.

Now we're taking on water, through holes. We patched them all, but they won't hold. We made promises of how we'd make this work. Oh, but now it's all failed and our ship will never sail.

Now the ghosts of our past are washing o'er the bow. And they're sinking our ship; Oh they're dragging us down!
Track Name: The Id
Something's wrong, it's awry, it's gone! Have we lost our faith? Have we seen all to be seen in life? Have the skies turned cold and gray? There's nothing left, no sun at dawn, no stars at night to see. Have we lived what’s worth to live in life, have our hearts turned cold and gray? Have we all but died today?

Is there nothing more to life than this? I know I hope for more. Have my eyes been blind to keys I've missed, need I simply open doors? Tell me this is not what's next for us, there's got to be more left in store for us. Please shake me! Please wake me! Please tell me this is not all that’s left.

Tell me what are these creatures of habit? How can they constantly consume? I can see that they are hollow and empty - the light's gone. Are these machines that resemble me? Am I subject to their master scheme? Then what happens when I am obsolete? I'm retired, put down six feet under the ground.

Is there nothing more to life than this? I know I hope for more. Have my eyes been blind to keys I've missed, need I simply open doors? Tell me this is not what's next for us, there's got to be more left in store for us. Please shake me! Please wake me! Please tell me this is not what we’ve become!

Always feeding, ever greedy, never quite sated. Always reaping, never ceasing, this is The Age of the Id. Always seeking, never sleeping, we are all slaves to The Id.
Track Name: Sleep Waltz
We've entered into a slumber, into a world of make believe. And some try to remember, some fight to forget.

In our darkest hour, so it seems, we are all lost inside the dream.

Now we are all brought out to trial, bruised, battered, left so weak and frail. With the use of cunning speech and guile, their dirty money tips the scales!

We slept away our second chances, without so much as second thought. Now we all dance in sleep waltz trances so delicate that we sleep walk.

Things that you see are not reality (youメll find no solace here). Weメre all accomplice to the waltz (this delicate dance ムround answers). We live in fear and we wonメt shed a tear (wonメt shed a tear), for losing all that we hold dear.
Track Name: Pilate
We do things that let us close our eyes. We'll do what it takes to get sleep at night. Just shrug off the day with a heavy sigh, while that part of you curls up and withers, left to die.

Wash your hands clean, your conscience is clear. If you're innocent, what's left to fear?

You know what is wrong, and you know what is right. So why can't you find peace and get your head to sleep at night? We're all left alone, eventually. So when you close your eyes, tell me, do you like what you see?

Wash your hands clean, your conscience is clear. If you’re innocent, what’s left to fear? So what are you selling? No, it’s not your disguise. The blood’s on your hands now, will you wear gloves next time?
Track Name: Believe Me, I'm Lying
When you lie down to rest, do you ever find peace? Do you sleep at all now? Are you in too deep?

Did you mean it at all when you said that you would be there 'til the end, and never again would she be alone? Do your words carry weight? Can you believe what you say? Now your teeth can't hold back all the lies and disgrace rolling off your tongue, when you say...

Oh believe what you need to, confide in your mirror. Won't you believe me? I'm lying. But don't I, baby, don't I sound sincere?

You're destroying her heart, leaving her torn apart, but you don't even care, do you? You're just playing with words, but they don't mean a single thing to you. Now you're numbing the pain, ignoring all that's at stake, but she gets no Novocaine today, yet you say...
Track Name: Feeding Fires
Stand down, just throw the fight. Throw the fight or throw everything away. Stand down, don't build your pyre. Don't strike the match, don't start the fire.

Stand down, don't feed the monster. Don't let it loose, subdue the beast. Stand down, don't fan the fire, or it will never ever cease.

Feeding the fire will burn everything down; turn all to ashes and embers on the ground. Stand down or you stand to lose everything. Stand down, stand down.

Things are not always what they seem when you can't see just what lies beneath. The problem may be something more than the guise of wolves at the door.

How do you have a choice? Tell me what's there left to say? There's nothing left but noise, there's nothing left so turn the page. At the end of the day, when all's said and done, was everything worth it? Tell me what have you won?
Track Name: All The Kings Horses
We are quiet and we are quick. We are silent and we are swift. We are quick to believe all that we hear. Are we believing out of fear? In the end we'll be crowned kings of fools.

Our towers climb higher into the sky. On our pedestals we sit so high. And when we should see for miles around, we see nothing but ourselves. Our own reflections keep us bound.

We lost what matters when we lost sight. We thought we'd trade it all for just one night. But come tomorrow when we open our eyes, we'll see nothing but a blood red sky. Now all the kings horses and his men can't piece us back together in the end.

We weave our own webs we believe our own lies. Are we really falling for our disguise? We dig our graves into the earth, where we'll fall. And where we'll build our own funeral pyre. We will take the torch and set them fire.
Track Name: The Quiet Cull
Take what you want from me, blind eyes will never see, and these deaf ears will never hear. Take anything you want, take everything I've got. Rob me blind, I won't know.

So fall in line son, we know what's best for you. Don't you know this is all for your own good? Don't question what's been dealt you, don't ask don't be afraid. Just take it at face value. Just believe all that I say.

You think that you can't pull the strings? Well who does? You don't know a thing. Inside this game of tug-o-war, the war is waged outside your door. When all the good has gone away, and darkness reigns through light of day, we're all damned inside this world of gray.

Inquiring minds are kept at bay with everything They do and say, while They exploit all of your fears, in hopes that you'll forget to hear what's really going on behind the scenes, beyond the lies. It's their last desperate attempt to pull the hood over your eyes.